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What entertains us? What interests us? What tugs at our emotions? Whatever it is, if you can cram it into 15 or 30 seconds, you've taken the first step in creating a television or radio commercial that will be noticed...and remembered. There's more to it than that, of course, broadcast advertising is a specialty that requires complex production capabilities and a thorough knowledge of the myriad of rules and regulations that cover getting a commercial produced, on the air and paid for. If broadcast advertising is in your media mix, look for an agency that can combine a good script with deft production, never miss a detail and bring it in on budget. Or hire Ripley-Woodbury and be done with it..
Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton for Callaway Golf...

When Callaway entered the golf market, they were just another unknown golf company. But they wouldn't stay that way for long. Ripley-Woodbury developed the tag line "You can't argue with physics" and brought the concept to life with Sir Isaac Newton as the spokes cartoon. Animated cartoons had never been done in golf and they sure gained attention. Click here to see how the most recognized symbol in golf got that way.