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completion, production, transfer and storage. If you're in the oil and gas business, check this out, it's a pretty impressive history.

We have naturally handled our share more than our share, perhaps, of industrial companies and processes in areas such as pumps, rubber and industrial controls. We've done plenty of work in the building industry, too, marketing products such as steel and fiberglass panels, architectural coatings and flexible conduit. In health care, RW has worked with a number of different hospitals marketing products from drug and alcohol rehab services to HMOs.

Ripley-Woodbury was fortunate enough to introduce Epson America in the U.S., and that experience gave us entrée into a broad range of high technology areas including software, laboratory equipment, computer peripherals and electronic components.

And speaking of good fortune, R-W was proud to have been a part of the spectacular growth of Callaway Golf, we were hired by them just prior to the introduction of the Big Bertha Driver, and our association with them led to assignments throughout the golf industry, helping promote golf shafts, grips, putters and irons.

Ripley-Woodbury has a diverse background, which is a fancy way of saying, "been there, done that." Now continue on and see first hand how we have put this experience to work for our clients.