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We like the practice of PR because it requires a certain deftness and subtlety that separates it from other kinds of promotion. You have to find (or create) the "news" in your message and package it in ways that get positive attention from professional journalists. It isn't always easy. Journalists, among other opinion leaders, are constantly being approached by PR pros just like us, trying to get attention for their message (what gall!). So the trick is, make your message stand out, make it clever, make it professional and make it as easy on the editor as you possibly can. And when you see it in print, you'll know it worked.

William Tell Would Have Understood...

ISA InvitationTrade shows are wonderful opportunities to talk one-on-one with influential editors. So when ITT Barton had a booth at the Instrument Society of America (ISA) Show, Ripley-Woodbury seized the opportunity to encourage press exposure. ITT Barton's advertising theme was "Confidence Through Accuracy," and for the show, we expressed it as the same kind of confidence William Tell had. A direct-mail invitation invited editors to visit with a paper-apple-and-real-arrow graphic. The apple-and-arrow theme was carried through to pre-show advertising, booth signage and even the shirts for the booth personnel. It worked great. Click here to see how it looked.