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Petroleum Petroleum

If you need a marketing communications agency with a little crude oil in its veins, you might have to look awhile to find a group that's done more in the oil and gas industry than we have.

Since the early 1950s, we've created advertising, collateral and PR for just about every little marketing nook and cranny in the petroleum industry: exploration, drilling, measurement, instrumentation, production, secondary recovery, storage, name it. We've developed catalogs, ads, brochures, tech sheets and hard-hitting direct mail. We've produced and placed PR feature articles on highly technical products and systems. And we've developed advertising that meets marketing objectives by speaking the language of the intended audience persuasively and convincingly.

If you'd like, we could do the same for you.

Varco International

Varco Ad#1Among our current clients in the petroleum industry is Varco International - a pioneer in automated pipe handling, top drive drilling; high-tech drilling instrumentation; and blow-out prevention; a publicly-traded, multi-million dollar giant, with numerous divisions and a worldwide presence; a major player (offshore and on).

But people didn't know it.

When Varco started looking into what people knew about them, they found little knowledge of their true size, minimal awareness of their multiple divisions and not much Vardo Ad #2understanding of the high-technology innovations they had brought to market. We recommended a unified advertising campaign which focused on the high technology being utilized by each of their divisions to bring about the "drilling rigs of tomorrow" - which, of course, Varco offers today. Our tagline, "Working on Tomorrow" as used as a running headline in all the ads, and was carried over into our drastic updating and re-design of their product catalogs and other collateral.

Today, awareness is up, sales are up, stock value is up - and Varco is still working on tomorrow.

And, of course, so are we.