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The difficulty many companies have getting sound, strategic marketing communications for high technology products hinges on the fact the people developing the advertising have to understand the technology. And a significant number of those clever creatives don't know their ASCII from their elbow. What you need is an agency that likes technology; a group that enjoys learning how things work and how they're made; bright, capable people with the proven ability to absorb technical knowledge and apply it to the dollars and cents business of marketing. Ripley-Woodbury is such a group.

Take a look at companies for whom we've worked and you'll see we have experience in chemicals, electronics, laboratory equipment, computers, software, optics and telecommunications to name but a few. We've developed successful campaigns in a number of high-tech marketing areas because we actually like the business of high technology. And it shows.

Precision Projection Systems

Bro1Laser projection systems and fiber optic laser effects are at the heart of any number of special theatrical effects featured by touring rock-n-roll bands, in Las Vegas shows and, most notably, at major theme parks such as Disneyland, Disney World, Euro Disney, Bro2Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios.Precision Projection Systems (PPS) is a small but respected designer of these types of systems, and has implemented laser effects for rock concerts, theatrical shows and numerous attractions for all of the major theme parks. But despite their notable successes and innovations, they were still relatively unknown. Because the universe of prospects interested in laser-generated special effects is comparatively small, Ripley-Woodbury recommended a tightly-focused, multi-part direct mail campaign. By paying special attention to photography, we developed high-impact Bro3mailers emphasizing each of four specific laser effects, mailed them in sequence over a period of four weeks and followed direct mail with outbound telemarketing. Bro4The effort proved to be an exceptional value, achieving substantial impact and developing name awareness at relatively minimal expense.