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As you have no doubt been mousing around this Website for at least a few minutes, we hope you've noticed some of its appealing features: clear paths to the information you're looking for, imaginative graphics, clever animation, a straightforward and logical layout. While these features may be important to a successful Website, they are not the most important reason why you should hire Ripley-Woodbury to develop your Website, namely, we approach all customer communications -- including Websites -- from a strategic point of view. How, we ask ourselves, can we develop a Website consistent in tone and position with your existing marketing communications, how can we target a similar audience, how can we get people involved and keep them involved with your site and your message? If you want a site that is tailored to its audience, has purpose, thought and strategy in its content, click here.

Rehrig Pacific Company

Rehrig SiteRehrig Pacific Company is an international manufacturer of plastic crates, carts and pallets for the beverage, environmental, agricultural, dairy, bakery and materials handling industries. Accommodating customers and prospects quickly in all time zones and multiple continents was a high priority.

The solution was a web site that allows the dissemination of the most requested information to anyone worldwide, twenty-four hours a day. With complete e-mail contact information on the site, information seekers have no need to wait to ask their questions. The email links ensure fast communications internally and externally.

The ability to see photos of different products was identified as highly important, since pictures have no language barrier. It was also important to have a site that was easy to navigate without waiting for graphics. While there are a considerable number of photos, they are small enough to download quickly.

The color palette was also kept simple to aid the downloading process. For continuity, the site design made use of graphics from the company’s new corporate brochure that was produced concurrently. Ripley-Woodbury was able to write copy, design, coordinate each step with the client and complete the process in about six weeks. The secret to efficient projects such as this one was is the approval of the site plan that kept the strategies top-of-mind throughout the entire process.


CoMatrix SiteA supplier of commercial telephone systems to thousands of inter connect companies that install, maintain and upgrade telephone systems throughout the country. Interconnects need prices and availability on a nearly instantaneous basis because their price quotes are seldom based on their own inventory.

Speed of navigating the site is a major factor. The most important information is the brand and model carried, if reconditioned equipment is available and what trade-in can be expected for equipment that is being replaced.

Ordering is seldom done on-line because of the custom nature of each installation. So the site encourages telephone, fax and e-mail communication.

For new customers, history and company background information is available along with leasing options.

In contrast to the Ripley-Woodbury site, the CoMatrix web site was designed to be quick access. We eliminated all "extras" and kept every aspect in its simplest form.