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In the best of all possible worlds, we prefer to start with a written marketing plan which includes agreed-upon communications objectives and a budget. With this document in hand, we develop a marketing communications plan based on the competitive situation, strengths, weaknesses and available resources. Included in this document is a statement of strategy, the marketing position we are seeking, and the tactics we recommend to attain it. As the client approves specific tactics, they are budgeted and executed according to the marketing communications plan.

In preparing and presenting campaign approaches, we will usually develop no less than two for review. Once campaign creative has been established, we will make recommendations for each specific project and provide them to you with a budget.

We are committed to maintaining a "no surprises" relationship with our clients -- thus, we provide firm estimates as soon as practical and stick to them unless job specifications change radically. We maintain close and regular contact during the course of active projects, and are readily available the rest of the time.

We have made a conscious effort to develop a team-oriented staff where each member possesses multiple skills and capabilities enabling them to backstop others. Our clients have the reasonable expectation that whoever answers the phone at Ripley-Woodbury (and we all do) will know what's going on with their project and be able to help with a problem or see to it that necessary actions are taken. Next Page