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In an unpretentious business park in a distant suburb of the vast metropolis of Los Angeles, a small but highly effective group of skilled professionals toil to create the kind of business-to-business marketing communications that gets noticed...remembered...and acted on. Step through the door.

Nothing showy, it's just clean, simple and tasteful. If it weren't for the framed advertising hanging on the wall, you might suspect you'd blundered into an architect's (or maybe a really cool CPA's) office. But then you hear something. Is it laughter? People who ENJOY their work? And that smell -- faint, reminiscent of ozone -- is that the odor of brains making high-speed connections? Step into the conference room. Hmm. Lots of awards. These people must be good at what they do. But they're so nice! Can nice people do good advertising? Haven't you heard advertising people have to be sullen, defiant, controlling...and expensive? So this is Ripley-Woodbury Marketing Communications. Hmmm. Worth looking into.