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Your mail is probably boring. Everyone's is. That's why, when you get something that's a little unusual or clever or amusing, it stands out in your mind and stays in your memory. That's also why we've always approached developing effective direct mail by creating "open-me-first" envelopes and boxes and following it up with meaty, persuasive content. There's a trick to standing out in a stack of bills, computer catalogs, credit card offers and management seminar flyers. And we know what it is.

How to Stand Out in 2-D...

Bro1The beauty of direct mail is that it can be narrowly targeted to reach just the Brochure2decision-makers that matter to you. Precision Projection Systems, for example, specializes in laser and fiber-optic theatrical lighting effects for touring shows and permanent installations. Talk about your niche marketing. To expand awareness for PPS, Ripley-Woodbury Bro3developed a multi-part mailing featuring stunning still photography of effects like the teleportation station, Bro4light wands and water lumia. When a prospect received the entire series, outbound telemarketing set up appointments for sales personnel. Click here to see examples of "How to Stand Out in 2-D."