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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol 3, No. 2.
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Three Plus Three

Any number of words in English can be broken into smaller - but totally unrelated - words. "Anthem"; contains "ant" and "hem", neither of which have anything to do with big, over-blown sons. "Wintry" is the combination of "win" and "try" - hardly the stuff of which snowstorms are made.

Below are 15 six-letter words, each made up of two three-letter words. Can you decipher all of them in under five minutes?

Male adults + highest card in the pack
Opposite of on + frozen water
Terminal + organ of hearing
Mischievous child + atmosphere
Army bed + heavy weight
Headgear + a primary color
Decay + past tense of eat
Ask for charity + unity
Spanish nobleman + locking device
Chum + aviation hero
Deface + alcoholic drink
Nearest star + devoid of moisture
Water barrier + writing instrument
Distant + noisy quarrel
Dog + not many

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