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Puzzle Button Advertising

Which is better, advertising or public relations?

Top-down Advertising.

A Little Basic Advice.

What's so good about the good old days?

Great Ads


Branding: Should You Consider it for Biz-to-Biz and High Tech?

Beyond "Me Too"


Writing tip: Avoid Abstractions.

Customer Relations

Relationship Marketing: Putting the Customer First

Evaluation Questionnaire.

Database Marketing

Can database marketing work in biz-to-biz?

Direct Marketing

Coming to a mailbox near you

Your mailing list is a corporate asset.

Tips you can use: Lick and stick it.

In-house Marketing

Pros and Cons


Getting the Most Out of Your Banner Ads.

A few more tips for advertising on the Web.

Delivering Collateral on the 'Net

Online Strategy


The Well-Ordered Website.

If you build it, will they come?


More About Time

It waits for no man...

Market Research

What do your customers really think?


The Marcom Manager

Writing a Marketing Plan is like building a house.

Maximize your Marketing Mix


Marketing by Newsletter.

Public Relations

Which is better, advertising or public relations?

To Get More Out of PR, Start With the Outcome.

Public Relations Pitfalls.

Let PR help you maintain community good will.

Getting Off on the Right Foot with Trade Press Editors.

Public Relations - there's a lot more to it than just publicity


The case for sales management


Opportunity Calling

Telemarketing Update

Trade Shows

Are you getting the most out of your Trade Shows?

15 tips to make your attendance pay off better

Puzzles Found in Cyberspace

Sufferin' Suffixes

The Wonderful One-Horse Cliché


Where Spell-Checkers Fail

Web Assortment

An Abbreviated Quiz

Visual Puns

Animal Adjectives

Grammar Advice

Color Quiz

Keep Your Wits About You

Grammar and Usage

Stinkety Pinkety


Singular Plurals

Three Plus Three

The Penultimate Word Test

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