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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.5, No.1.
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We've found a newsletter to be a valuable tool to keeping our name in front of a select group of customers and prospects. To make your newsletter work for you, make it a valuable resource, one your subscriber list looks forward to receiving.

Here are a few tips.
  • Tone down your sales pitch. Fill your newsletter with the kind of information your readers need and would like to see. Think like a resource.
  • Write to your audience. Use a friendly, conversational tone, but one that speaks your readers' language.
  • Include a response mechanism. We think a business reply card works well, but your 800 number or telephone and fax numbers should be included at the very least. If you want response from your newsletter, give readers something to respond to, like a discount, a free offer or a contest.
  • Keep the design clean and simple. Use just one family of typefaces and one style of illustration. Keep the type sizes consistent. One of the key benefits a professional art director usually brings to publication design is restraint.
  • Print on the best paper you can. You'll make a better impression spending your money on good paper and professional design than on multi-color printing.
Remember, short stories are easier to design around than long ones, plus they keep your audience involved because they're easier to read.

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