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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.5, No.2.
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If sending press releases to the national media has been the extent of your public relations campaign, it's time you broadened your outlook about PR to think about community relations. Progressive companies - even business to business companies - are hiring PR pros to develop community relations programs which can include anything from sponsoring a Little League team to offering tangible and visible support to local charities.

Other non-traditional customers of PR practitioners include doctors, lawyers and churches. Doctors and lawyers are using PR firms for brochures and other printed materials to explain their particular expertise, while churches are using public relations to expand their outreach to larger audiences.

The point is, all PR is an outreach, an attempt to secure the good will of the public, and a well-thought out public relations campaign will help communicate that your company is a good local citizen. Keep an open mind about the tools that can help you manage the relationship between your company and your community.

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