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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.3, No.1.
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Okay, you've been using your computer online for quite awhile now, and we'll bet you sometimes find yourself talking just like a hacker...

"Awww, this darn CPU is so slow transferring these TIFF files on the WAN, I'll have to convert them to JPEGs or EPSs. I can't wait till we get an ISDN in here..."

Acronyms (or "hack-ronyms" in this case) are funny things. We make them up in the first place because whatever they stand for is too long or complicated to say in casual conversation. But in many, if not most cases (especially in tech-heavy areas like computers) the original phrase quickly loses meaning, and the acronym replaces it almost completely.

Take a look at this list of common computer and Internet acronyms. If you've been paying attention, you should be able to supply the full name PDQ.

1. ASCII 7. WAN 13. DOS
2. SCSI 8. URL 14. HTTP
3. ISDN 9. FTP 14. WWW
4. ASIC 10. TIFF 16. RIP
5. HTML 11. JPEG 17. CPU
6. ISP 12. EPS    
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