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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.4, No.2.
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Grammar and Usage

When I think about grammar, I remember Mrs. Johnson. Hers was an afternoon class on the west side of the school, so on spring days the sun would beat in through the open windows, lending a lazy, sleepy atmosphere to the classroom. In the distance, you could hear shouts and the crack of a bat hitting a ball. And across the aisle sat Terri Grazzi, arguably the cutest girl in the 8th grade.

It's amazing I learned anything at all.

If you were paying attention in your grammar class, you should have no problem spotting the grammar and usage problems in the following sentences.

Joe had been waiting for an opportunity to test his metal against the best in the business.
Roberta was adverse to implementing the new program.
Tyler was reticent to ask for a raise.
The top honors were given to Mick, Michael and Gretchen respectfully.
The company is comprised of five divisions.
Phil was peaked by the client's hostile comments.
Would it be possible for you and I to go to the meeting together?
The boss inferred from the letter that the project had been completed.
She told him to just lie the book on the table and leave.
Pam thought her involvement would effect the outcome.

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