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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol 4, No. 3.
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Stinkety Pinkety

Humorist George S. Kaufman was a bright fellow. A founding member of the Algonquin Round Table (that club which included such literary luminaries as Dorothy Parker and H.L. Mencken), Kaufman was known for his keen wit and prodigious mental capabilities.

The game below was an invention and favorite pastime of Kaufman's. He called it "Stinkety Pinkety" and it's a good one to try the next time you're on a long car trip with kids.

In Stinkety Pinkety, the first player offers a definition while the other player or players must translate it into a noun modified by a rhyming adjective.

The elementary examples are called Stink Pinks and require just one syllable answers.

An obese piece of head gear is a fat hat.

An unmelodious group of singers is a dire choir.

A canine quadrupled from a muddy backwater is a ___?
A young man who has lost his wits is a ___ .
A particularly stupid donkey is a ___ .

To make things a little harder, try Stinky Pinkies, nouns and adjectives of two syllables which both rhyme.
A too revealing item of night attire is flighty nightie.
A foolish fellow named William is a ___ .
The uppermost part of a house that won't move even in an earthquake is a ___ .
A Trojan horse is a ___ .
An enthusiastic and devoted slave is a ___ .

For the really ambitious gamesters, try Stinkety Pinketies three syllable nouns and adjectives with at least the last two syllables rhyming.
A soap bent on taking over the world is an insurgent detergent.
A cactus in a bad mood is a ___ .
A dull work of art produced by joining together small pieces of glass or stone is a ___ .
A southern German baby delivered by means
of surgery ___ .

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