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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.7, No.2.
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Sufferin' Suffixes

If you're into puzzles and word games very much at all, you've probably encountered something like this- [ICE]_____[PUFF]- where the object is to fill in those letters that work with both the prefix in front and the suffix behind. (You're probably way ahead of me, but in this case the answer is "cream" making both ice-cream and cream-puff.)

Now, a single fill-in is too easy, so this game requires you to supply the answers to a series of linked clues. Try this warm-up.

[TOU]___[TER]___[COR]___[TLE] Did you get it? The answer is [TOU]can[TER]ran[COR]set[TLE], making, toucan, canter, terran, rancor, corset and settle. Now try a few more.

1. [WISE]___[LES]___[TRY]___[BID]

2. [DER]___[MENT]___[LOW]___[OT]

3. [BAL]___[TER]___[RED]___[VER]

4. [GOL]___[VOR]___[AS]___[CIL]

5. [TER]___[FALL]___[SIDE]___[WAY]

Select the number for which you want to know the answer:

The Answer is:

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