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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.5, No.2.
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The Internet is a fully interactive, direct response medium which by its nature selects an audience of well-educated, well-to-do adults aged 18-40, currently numbering around 50 million worldwide. And from a marketers point of view, it's a dream - you can see exactly how many people have viewed your site, and even know what pages get the most interest.

If you're considering how to exploit this medium for your own ends, here are a few more tips to consider.

Give them information. Information is what they came for, so make your site dense with it. Don't make visitors send off (even by e-mail) for a brochure you could reproduce right on the screen for them.

Be interactive. The best sites are the ones that involve their visitors in dialog. Build in interactive features.

Offer incentives for details on visitors to your site. If you're interested in capturing names and addresses to build your database, come up with something worthwhile to exchange for the information.

Link! Link! Link! Many, if not most, people will get to your site through a link from somewhere else on the "Net". Spend the time it takes to find related sites and have your site linked to theirs.

Don't forget about traditional advertising. To keep your "hit rate" up, advertise the address of your site in traditional media.

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