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Reprinted from News-To-Use, Vol.5, No.2.
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Your mailing list - the one you've been building, sifting and massaging all these years - may be one of your most valuable corporate assets.

If you were to sell your company, it would certainly be one of the assets buyers would be most interested in. In fact, many a buyer wouldn't give your company a second glance if he didn't think your customer/prospect list was everything it should be.

So if your list is all that valuable, are you sure you're making the most of it?

A list has value only if you use it often. Not because you need the practice using it, but because you need to be in regular contact with your customers and prospects - and continually auditing and verifying details - to maintain its worth.

When you mail first class, you automatically get address corrections; when you mail bulk, you can request address corrections for a small fee. But keeping the addresses current is only part of the job.

To be really valuable, you'll need to keep adding new names to your list. No customer base lasts forever. People are constantly moving, changing jobs, retiring. And if you don't add to your list, eventually it will dwindle to nothing. Maintain the value of your list by keeping it in shape, working it often and continually adding to it.

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