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You have no doubt seen those lists of what a good ad is supposed to do. You know,
  • Stop the reader on the page
  • Arouse their interest to find out more
  • Create a desire for the product
  • Clearly show the path the reader must take next to satisfy the desire.
We've seen them too, and we believe in them, for what it's worth. But the fact is, there's a lot more to effective print advertising than you can put in a list. If it were that easy, everyone would do it...and clearly everyone doesn't. We happen to think there is an art in advertising that shapes the message for a particular audience like a sculptor, molding the visual effect, the words, the language until it puts the point across perfectly...and memorably. Anybody can put together an ad with a checklist. We can put together an ad with a soul.

Working on Tomorrow...

VarcoAd #2Varco makes oilwell drilling equipment. This is not the most delicate stuff in the world -- it's held together with bolts the size of fire hydrants and nuts as big as your head (or almost, anyway). Which is why we were fascinated to learn that much of Varco's newest drilling and pipe-handling equipment is computer controlled and manipulated with joysticks. In developing the advertising campaign, we positioned Varco as the technological innovator with the tagline "Working on Tomorrow," and married it in the visual to the idea of designs making the transition to reality.